Our Games

Foot Darts

Foot darts is exactly as it sounds – it’s a game of darts played with a football. Balls are kicked at and stick to a giant Velcro replica of a standard dartboard. You and your friends and family will have a blast testing your foot-eye coordination with this fantastically fun game.

Soccer Pool

As the name suggests, soccer pool is a combination of soccer and pool. Soccer pool is played by kicking full size footballs on a 16ft long pool table. This is an exciting and challenging activity which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


Headis is variation of table tennis played with the head and a specially tailored ball. This game is played on a regular sized table tennis table, combining the tactical elements of table tennis with the legwork of tennis. Sets are played to eleven (11) points, with the exception that players must win by two (2) points.

Adidas Smart Ball

The Adidas smart ball is an innovative football which features an integrated sensor package which records things like strike point, speed, spin and trajectory when you kick the ball. This information can then be reviewed on a remote device. Challenge your friends and see who has the most skill.

Soccer Tennis

Soccer Tennis follows the same rules as tennis but is played by kicking a ball instead of swinging a racket. This exciting, fast-paced game is a fantastic way to enhance ball control skills in a fun environment. Soccer Tennis is played on our full-sized soccer tennis court.

Bucket Ball

Bucket Ball is an intense, exciting game in which players battle each other by trying to chip the ball into each other’s buckets. Challenge your friends and family whilst improving your targeting skills.